Dinar Game Changer

One of the most common questions I hear is, WHEN IS THE RV (Dinar Revaluation)? What have you heard?

Let’s agree in prayer about this. The next questions is what do I do next? First of all, what do you not do. Don’t panic! Many of you were going to do a lot of things, including buying more Dinars.

dinar-300Next, You may want to contact us for the next step and for more information. We will hold your hand through this process. Then there is a fact finder that you will need to complete in order to move forward. You can download our PDF fact finder here: Strong Financial Services Fact Finder

When you get the fact finder you are issued a number. If we receive your completed Fact Finder back within a week, the issue number is “your place in line”. If we do not receive the Fact Finder back in a week you will lose your place in line and your new place will be “placed in line” based upon when we receive it.

After the 1 page consultation form is completed, a 30 minute complimentary conference call can be made to talk one-on-one. Your initial meeting can be done by phone, Skype, or preferably in person. You will be meeting with an attorney. The interview will normally last 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

The personalized estate planning documents will be ready for review/signing in 7 days (under normal circumstances). The signing of documents should be done in person in our offices in Brownsburg Indiana (close to Indianapolis), and transferring of the Dinars into the appropriate vehicle.

Once this is done a special bank account is set up to provide FDIC protection for up to $50,000,000. This account will be used for the electronic funds transfer. Schedule a call today to review the plan you should have in place or the next steps you need to take to become prepared for the RV!

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